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A cereal battle - Corn Flakes vs. Corn Flakes: Kellogg's vs. store brand vs. discount brand

Mike Thayer 2016 (2)By Mike Thayer

I always have some kind of cereal on hand.  Sometimes it's for breakfast, sometimes with a little fruit and a heavy dose of cream, it makes for an impromptu dessert.  And although Captain Crunch with Crunch Berries is my all time favorite cereal, that's not what I typically have on hand.  My pantry is routinely stocked with corn flakes, toasted oats or bran flakes. 

Do you pay the premium price for the name brand?

If you do, you might think twice about doing so after reading this article.

20180209_071902In conducting this 'Cereal Battle', I purchased THE name brand, Kellogg's Corn Flakes; a store brand version, in this case Kroger; and a discount brand called Millville, a.k.a., Aldi.

I compared price, weight, the look, taste (both dry and w/milk) and the 'sogginess' factor.

Cereal #1, the name brand - Kellogg's Corn Flakes:

The visual of pouring these crispy golden flakes into a breakfast bowl is iconic.  It's almost as American as baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and......  Ford.....  (That's what I drive, I hate Chevrolet).

Price:  $3.39

That price is interesting, not only because it's the highest one of the cereal battle, but check out the box.  It's the tallest box of the bunch.  Remember when I said I would be evaluating weight, as in perhaps a consumer is getting a few more flakes for the dollar?  It's just a taller box.  All cereals weighed in at one pound, 2 ounces.  Kellogg's is marketing people, specifically those who don't read labels.  One might think they're getting more value with a 'bigger box' of cereal.

For the look, taste (both dry and w/milk) and the sogginess factor, I'll summarize all three cereals in a bit.

Cereal #2, store brand - Kroger:

Price:  $1.49

Look how much cheaper the store brand is, a savings of $1.90 and remember, even though the Kellogg's box is taller making some folks think they're getting a better value, all cereals weighed in at one pound, two ounces.

Cereal #3, discount brand - Millville, a.k.a., Aldi:

Price:  $1.39

This is the cheapest cereal of the group, offering a savings of $2 over Kellogg's but just 10 cents over the store brand.  And check out how 'Millville' tries to closely mimic the name brand with the look of the box.....But how closely does Millville mimic the corn flake, the look, the taste?

20180208_214324When it came to the look, as you can see they all pretty much look the same, they're all golden with ever-so-slight variations and there's no distinguishable difference in flake size.  In the taste test, they all tasted the same, sampled dry and with milk.  But the crucial part of the test, the sogginess factor......  Unless you can shovel faster than a back hoe on rocket fuel, all cereals get soggy about 3/4 through, the crunch slips away at about the same rate for each.

Kellogg's gets top nod when it comes to marketing, but that's it.  The look, taste, sogginess factor, it's all the same.  If you have been a buyer of the name brand, there's really no reason to continue doing so.  Save yourself some money whether it's with a store brand or a discount brand from Aldi.

Other uses for corn flakes.....

Corn flakes aren't just for the breakfast bowl.  These things are versatile.  Crush 'em up and use them as a breading instead of bread crumbs, they're excellent with fried chicken and fish!  Crumble some up and use them as a crunchy topping for casseroles.  Put some in a food processor for a finer crumb to make muffins or cookies.  Have you ever had corn flake crusted French Toast?  It's another does of YUM!

Next up:  Cheerios vs. other 'toasted oats' cereals

Observation:  Did you know there is no faux Wheaties?  I didn't realize that until doing this cereal comparison.  You can find every other kind of cereal in a store brand or discount version, but NOT Wheaties.  I hate paying the premium price for a box of cereal, but since there is no other option, I have to, it is the Breakfast of Champions after all.....

Spend Wisely My Friends.....



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