A Bachelor on the Cheap Challenge: Eating Fast Food Value Meals for a Week on a $50 Budget, Day 4, Breakfast
A Bachelor on the Cheap Challenge: Eating Fast Food Value Meals for a Week on a $50 Budget, Day 4, Dinner

A Bachelor on the Cheap Challenge: Eating Fast Food Value Meals for a Week on a $50 Budget, Day 4, Lunch

By Mike Thayer

Can you eat nothing but fast food value meals for a week on just $50?

That's a budget of just $7.14 a day.

Are there enough restaurants out there offering value meals that will fit in the budget? Will there be enough variety? Will I stay full enough, no snacking required?

Can I stay under budget and eat well to boot?

20180126_122253It's Day 4 and a hot dog for lunch

It's been awhile since I've eaten at Sonic.  With their pull-into-a-stall, carhop-delivers-to-your-vehicle approach, Sonic is a fair weather restaurant.  They do have a menu with a lot of variety however, featuring something to please just about anyone.

I ordered the chili cheese coney dog for $1.99, but when the attendant said, "That will be $3.75,"  I quickly looked back at the menu and realized she had rung me up for a foot long instead of a regular.  I chalked it up to that intercom system and high winds, so instead of correcting the order I just went with it, challenging myself to make it work within the daily budget.  And who can pass up a foot long hot dog, right?

20180126_122406The dog was delivered before I could turn the volume back up on the radio, that foot long topped with melty cheese, chili and a soft bun to embrace it all.  It hit the spot but did leave me with just 87 cents to spend for dinner.  "What the heck am I going to get with that?"  I asked myself.  Good thing I have that 27 cent surplus giving me a whopping $1.14 to eat with.  Can you say, "Hello McDonald's dollar menu?"  Not what I was going for, but it is what it is....

At any rate, I'm satisfyingly full unlike yesterday with the skimpy breakfast and lunch.  I'll definitely be visiting Sonic again soon, that Coney foot long was tasty!

Meal total for the day:  

Breakfast:  $2.53 

Lunch:  $3.75

Cumulative total for the Challenge:

Day 1:  $7.29

Day 2:  $6.44

Day 3:  $7.27

Day 4:  $6.28 (Breakfast & Lunch)

I went over budget by 15 cents on Day 1.  I was under budget by 55 cents on Day 2.  I went over budget by 13 cents on Day 3.   

Grand Total:  $29.81 into Day 4, with dinner to go

The nice thing about this challenge - No dish washing required!  Bonus!

And then there's bonus #2:  A growing surplus of napkins!

Bonus #3:  The opportunity to rack up on condiment packets.....  You knew that was coming, right?  What bachelor does NOT have condiment packets in his fridge?  

$pend Wisely My Friends...

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Great post! Being a bachelor, I know how important it is to know that how you can lead your life in a budget friendly way.

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