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Mike Thayer 2016 (2) T-boneBy Mike Thayer

If you don't already subscribe to your favorite/local grocery store's emailed coupon deals and/or online weekly specials, you should.  They really do make it worth your while, providing significant savings over regular prices.

Here's an example, the current weekly special at my local grocery store includes ground chuck for $2.49 a pound, T-Bone steaks for $4.99 a pound and avocados for just 69 cents each.

I challenge you to find better prices elsewhere.  Everyday prices at Aldi are at or a bit above these prices, but my local chain store is much closer to where I live.  That's about the only drawback I have when it comes to Aldi, it's where I do my regular grocery shopping, but I do have to drive a bit to get to one, there just aren't enough of them.  Hence the reason I shop specials at the local chain store...  They do indeed make it worth my while....

Weekly specials are convenient not just because of the price savings, but because it is a time saver if you don't live close to a discount grocer like Aldi.  Weekly specials are also convenient to meal planning for the coming week.  Why not plan out a steak dinner with prices for T-Bones at just $4.99 a pound?  That is menu YUM at a great price!

My local grocery store chain's weekly special price for ground chuck is saving me 50 cents a pound over what I usually pay at Aldi, their regular price is $2.99....  I'll be racking up quite a few chubs of ground chuck for my freezer.  If I buy ten chubs at that sale price, I've saved $5 over what I would pay for ten chubs at Aldi.   In further comparison, I'm not saving anything by buying the avocado at the local store, it's at the same price as Aldi, but I am saving time with store proximity.  Then there's the T-Bone, not even Aldi has a T-Bone price that low.  I'm saving a buck a pound.

Coupon deals and weekly specials are something to take advantage of at your local chain grocer, the key is to stick to buying only what's on special, don't drift off your list with impulse buys!  That's where the local chain store gets you.....  As in, you need some chips with that guacamole you'll make with that avocado right?  DON'T DO IT!  That's where the $20 budget for some quick, weekly special shopping turns into $40!

Spend wisely my friends......


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