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Shopping for a chest freezer

Mike Thayer 2016 (2)By Mike Thayer

The freezer compartment in the typical apartment size refrigerator/freezer just doesn't have enough storage space for a guy like me who likes to cook and grill.

So in dire need of more freezer space, I've been on a quest to find the best deal for an 'apartment size' chest freezer.  It's a Merry Christmas present - to me!

I've been doing some shopping 'homework' online, checking out Best Buy, Walmart, Lowe's, Home Depot, Menards and Target.....  Target?  Yes, Target sells freezers, I was surprised too.

Merry Christmas to me - a freezerI've got enough space in my kitchen/dining area to comfortably fit a 5 cubic foot chest freezer and my budget is less than $200.  Why a chest freezer and not an upright/stand-up you ask?  While some jokes from the stand-up would be welcome.......  Sorry, couldn't resist.....  A chest freezer performs better than a stand-up and uses less energy.  Besides, with a unit in that size range, it's actually easier to retrieve items from a chest freezer for a taller guy like me.  Lastly, price....  Stand-ups in the 5 cubic foot range start at about $190, busting my budget after taxes.

In shopping around, I found the following 5 cubic foot freezers, all with manual defrost:

Best Buy:  Insignia - $149.99

Costco:  Danby - $249.99

Home Depot: Magic Chef - $169.00

Lowe's:  Idylis - $148.00

Menard's:  Criterion - $162.99

Target:  Frigidaire - $159.99

Walmart:  Arctic King - $169.

All freezers came with multiple online reviews in the 4 to 5 stars range, with an overall average rating of 4.7.   While I take caution in putting too much stock into online reviews, they do provide a gauge of sorts in prepping for a purchase and a number of negative reviews on a specific product does raise some red flags.  No flags were found in this search.

In doing the home work on this, I was surprised to see Costco being the most expensive, a bit surprised by the Walmart price too. 

I went with the Idylis freezer at Lowe's.  It's Bachelor on the Cheap friendly with the lowest price, the online reviews were favorable and right in line with all the other brands and Lowe's is actually the most conveniently located store for me (along with Walmart, in the same parking lot in fact).  I purchased the unit online using the 'pick up at store' option.  I made my purchase at 6:30am and picked the unit up at my convenience at 9am that same day.  After letting the freezer set for 24 hours before plugging in per the instructions (due to tilting in the loading and unloading), I'm pleased to report the freezer is happily freezing some veggies, cheeses, chicken, chicken & beef stock, etc., quite nicely! 

Make meal planning and prepping an easier task with a chest freezer!

My Happy Freezer



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