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Product Review: The Salbree Popper

By Mike Thayer

A friend of mine gave me a popcorn popper for Christmas, something I've never seen the likes of before.

Without question it is THE most easy to use, most efficient popcorn popper I've ever used and I've tried them all!  I've done Jiffy pop, cast iron over electric and gas stoves, stove-top poppers with a built-in crank handle, electric poppers using oil, air poppers, glass poppers for the microwave and of course, microwave popcorn in that paper bag that comes with food safety warnings.....

I was gifted a Salbree Popper for Christmas and it ROCKS!

This is a silicone popper that is so simple to use, even a caveman......  Wait a minute, can't be insulting cavemen or man cave dwellers.....

Seriously, this popper is dummy proof.  Expand the bowl, put some popcorn in to the fill line, lid it, nuke it for 2-4 minutes until pops are about 5 seconds apart.

20171228_102341Being a veteran of popping corn in the microwave in both the bag and glass popper varieties, I assumed I would be getting a lot of Old Maids with this.  Not so!  The Salbee pops evenly and doesn't use oil.  I also popped too much corn!  No, I didn't fill it past the fill line, but because the Salbee pops so efficiently, minimal Old Maids, the corn popped well past the top of the bowl and with my fairly low profile microwave, I had a tough time getting the bowl out when done!  There was popcorn spillage..... 

After gathering all the spillage (gathering for the mouth as well as back in the bowl), I topped the corn with some jalapeno salted butter I had melting on the stove.  DELICIOUS!

A big thank you to my friend for gifting this and I strongly recommend purchasing a Salbree Popper!  They retail on Amazon for $15.95 and come in a variety of colors.  They wash up easy peasy and the bowl collapses for easy storage.

The Salbree Popper is Bachelor on the Cheap friendly, the price is very reasonable.  Decent popcorn poppers of any traditional variety to include air go for about $20 and up.  This popper gets 5 out of 5 Bachelor on the Cheap Stars!

5 stars

$pend Wisely My Friends...

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