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Food Review: Marie Callender's Cherry Crunch Pie

Mike Thayer 2016 (2)By Mike Thayer

I recently did a review of two Marie Callender's pies that I enjoyed over the Thanksgiving holiday, a pumpkin pie and a blueberry.  They were tremendous!

Cherry pieFor Christmas, I decided to try the Marie Callender's cherry pie, what the company describes as a "Cherry Crunch" pie.

I love pie, I'll take pie over any other kind of dessert offering, but I hate making them, namely the pie crust.  Making the dough is a labor intensive project if you want a flaky, golden brown and delicious final product.  It entails using chilled water and really cold butter with the flour, resting the dough, dusting the dough, rolling the dough, folding the dough, trimming the dough, pinching/decorating the edge, then finally, pre-baking the bottom crust of dough to make sure it's cooked through in presenting the final product, the pie.  I'd rather put that kind of labor into grilling or smoking meat.

Enter, Marie Callender's

Given how I truly enjoyed the pies I bought for Thanksgiving, it was a no-brainer then to purchase another pie offering from Marie Callender's for Christmas.

The "Cherry Crunch" pie features tart red cherries and a luscious streusel crumble topping.  The baking directions are straight forward and easy to follow.   The pie browned nicely and filled my apartment with an outstanding pie aroma while it was baking.  The taste was scrumptious!  The plump cherries were perfectly sweet yet tart as advertised, the flaky crust was YUM, the generous amount of struesel topping dances in the mouth and every bite of pie was nicely complimented with two scoops and vanilla bean ice cream.  Priced at $4.99 it made for a perfect Christmas meal dessert! 

I've had three different pies from Marie Callender's and I would buy them all again in a heartbeat.  But before I do a repeat buy, I have other flavors to try!

Baking on a cookie sheet lined with foil makes for easier cleanup


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I purchased said pie. I was so looking forward to it. The cherries are chewy. Very chewy. Yuk. Worst pie I’ve ever had.

Paul D.

You have to BAKE the pie first....

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