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Affordable Wines by Dark Horse

Mike Thayer 2016 (2)By Mike Thayer

Dark Horse ChardonnayI'm not much of a beer drinker, although I will have the occasional Miller Lite or perhaps a Killian's Red.  When I do enjoy an adult beverage, it's usually either a mixed drink with blended whiskey or a glass of wine.

I prefer sweeter wines over dry, whites over reds, but each has its place.  What you pair wine with plays a huge part in what you uncork.  Another plus to having a bottle or two of wine in the liquor cabinet is the opportunity to cook with it.  I only recently discovered in the last year or so of doing more cooking for myself (beyond grilling) how wine can really enhance a dish, giving both savory and sweet dishes a whole new level of flavor!

I stick to the rule of cooking only with wines I like to drink.  Why buy a Merlot for example, just because a recipe calls for it?  I don't like to drink it (too dry for my taste, I hate Merlot), so odds are I won't like it in the dish I prepare with it either (it's true, I don't, been there, tried that).

Dark Horse Big Red BlendI like to keep at least one bottle of a white and a bottle of red in my cabinet, in case of company or if cooking calls for it.  My go-to wines are Dark Horse wines, they taste good and the price is right at around $8 - $10 a bottle.  Their line-up is versatile that's Bachelor on the Cheap friendly.  I like everything they offer - except the Merlot of course, I don't like anybody's Merlot - with my top two Dark Horse favorites being the Chardonnay and the Big Red Blend.

Dark Horse wines are indeed reasonably priced and ridiculously good!


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