Creating an indoor edible garden
"Project Indoor Edible Garden" update - Day 3

"Project Indoor Edible Garden" update - Day 2

Mike Thayer 2016 (2)By Mike Thayer

20171023_074644So yesterday I wrote about a small project I'm undertaking, creating an indoor edible garden. 

Day one was spent clearing some space for this 'garden', doing some cleaning and planning.

Day two was spent putting together a shelf unit, which I purchased at Lowe's for about $80 after tax.  It's a 5 shelf unit, measuring 6' high and just under 4' wide.  Made of steel with a chrome finish, it looks nice and each shelf can hold up to 350 pounds.  I've got lighting rigged from the top shelf and when this project is complete each shelf will have its own dedicated lighting, to supplement the natural light coming from the east facing window.  Day three will be spent rigging more lighting and getting all my pots and planting trays ready.

"Fun" fact.....  Buying a plant shelf unit all 'ready made' with lighting can cost up to $600!  Ouch!

The next phase is to start seeding, potting, planting and transplanting.  I've got a few plants I'm bringing in from outdoors, which have been sprayed with insecticidal soap - I don't want to bring in any unwanted guests!

I'm having fun putting this project together and am looking forward to harvesting fresh veggies in mid-winter! 

Stay tuned for more Bachelor on the Cheap "Project Indoor Edible Garden" updates!   




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