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Competition BBQ got me all fired up!


Mike Thayer 2016 (2)By Mike Thayer

Mankato Cookout 2017So I recently participated in my first competition BBQ event as a judge, attending the Mankato Cookout in Mankato, Minnesota on June 11.  I had a blast!  I learned a few things, met some great people and enjoyed some EXCELLENT BBQ!  All the other judges at my table told me some great stories and offered up some smart tips and wise advice.  I can't wait until my next BBQ event!

As I left Mankato and all those great aromas, I couldn't get BBQ out of my head!  What a problem to have, right?  So what did I do almost first thing when I got home?  I fired up the grill, of course!

Now I don't yet own a smoker, but cooking low and slow on a grill is still very 'do-able.'  Anything you can do using a smoker, you can do on a grill.  It takes a little effort and a lot of coal adjusting, but it's very 'do-able.'

When I grill, I like to grill a large volume of meats, taking advantage of all that heat, I let no hot coal go to waste!  I grill up lunches and dinners for the coming week with some leftovers for the freezer.  Here's the menu:



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