Bachelor on the Cheap Challenge: $50 to eat for a week, Day 6, Dinner
Bachelor on the Cheap Challenge: $50 to eat for a week, Day 7, Lunch

Bachelor on the Cheap Challenge: $50 to eat for a week, Day 7, Breakfast

  By Mike Thayer

Can you eat for a week on just $50?

Breaking it down by the day, that's about $7.14 per day or $2.38 per meal.

20170528_074218Day 7, last day of the challenge, breakfast:  So on the last day of this challenge I whipped up a couple of breakfast burritos at home.  Breakfast burritos are so easy to put together and the best thing about it, pretty much anything goes.  Whatever you have on hand will work as long as it's a combination of meat, cheese, eggs and bread.  For mine this morning I sauted some chopped onion in olive oil, threw in some red pepper flake, salt and pepper and let those flavors marry a bit.  Then I threw in some heavy cream to let that get happy with the seasonings.  Then I tossed in some leftover meat (whatever you have on hand works), roughly chopped, and let that all simmer for a minute or two.  Then I poured in some lightly scrambled eggs seasoned with seasoning salt and garlic powder and stirred to incorporate.  I served the eggs on two warmed tortillas with melted American cheese.  It was another dose of YUM!   This meal cost me about $2 to prepare and I had all the ingredients on hand, no special trip to the store required.  TIP:  It pays to have a well stocked pantry and fridge.

Meal totals for the day:  

Breakfast:  $2.00

An excellent and DELICIOUS start to the last day of the challenge! 

Cumulative total for the Challenge:

Day 1:  $7.25
Day 2:  $6.90
Day 3:  $6.55
Day 4:  $4.21
Day 5:  $6.90
Day 6:  $6.47
Day 7:  $2.00 (breakfast)

Grand Total:  $40.28 so far and under budget!   Looks like I can eat pretty well for lunch AND dinner and there's no Ramen in sight!

Need some meal ideas?  Go to the Bachelor on the Cheap You Tube Channel

$pend Wisely My Friends...

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