Bachelor on the Cheap Challenge: $50 to eat for a week, Day 6, Lunch
Bachelor on the Cheap Challenge: $50 to eat for a week, Day 7, Breakfast

Bachelor on the Cheap Challenge: $50 to eat for a week, Day 6, Dinner

  By Mike Thayer

Can you eat for a week on just $50?

Breaking it down by the day, that's about $7.14 per day or $2.38 per meal.

20170525_190355Day 6 dinner - Pizza Hut:  Sometimes it pays to bitch.  About a month ago I made on online order to Pizza Hut, they gave me a 45 - 55 minute delivery window and they missed that by about 25 minutes.  So when I followed up on the delivery time by calling the store, they weren't professional at all, they didn't even try to explain the situation, they weren't apologetic or reasoned, it was like, "You'll get your pizza when the delivery driver gets there....."  So with that attitude being thrown in my face, I complained to corporate and yes, Google reviews are a powerful thing!  I received not one but two "Free Pizza" coupons in the mail from Pizza Hut corporate, and not just basic pizza, anything I wanted!  Corporate apparently gets it, the local Pizza Hut store does not.   So tonight for dinner I am enjoying my favorite, a thin crust (brushed with garlic butter) pepperoni and mushroom pizza.  This meal cost me $0.00!  It's another dose of YUM and having a beer with the pizza was a plus!   Lite Beer from Miller, it has 1/3 less calories than regular beer and tastes great!  Tallboys.

Meal totals for the day:  

Breakfast:  $1.89
Lunch:  $3.25
Dinner:  $1.33

The total for the day is $6.47 and I've got leftovers!

Cumulative total for the Challenge:

Day 1:  $7.25
Day 2:  $6.90
Day 3:  $6.55
Day 4:  $4.21
Day 5:  $6.90
Day 6:  $6.47

Grand Total:  $38.28 so far and under budget!   Having pizza and beer on this kind of a budget?....  Imagine that, delightful!  

Need some meal ideas?  Go to the Bachelor on the Cheap You Tube Channel

$pend Wisely My Friends...

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