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Why pay the price for cable TV, when you can have Roku?

Mike Thayer 2016 (2)By Mike Thayer

When I moved into my new apartment a few months back, I made the decision not to get any kind of television package, I just wanted the internet. That decision lasted two months.

Try as I might to occupy myself with more productive things, there are times when a person just wants to veg out and simply do nothing, to be entertained without effort.

I'm already paying too much for an internet connection with Cox Cable, so instead of contacting them and paying too much to have TV added to my monthly bill (a premium package with a decent amount of channels would cost another $40 a month) I decided to check out Roku, a little device that streams movies and TV shows. 

Why didn't I do this sooner!

After reading the reviews online, I picked up a Roku unit at Walmart for about $50.  I now have TV, a plethora of entertainment options.  There are all kinds of free movie and TV choices with Roku, to include live local news, streamed from the internet!  The unit was easy to install and the wireless internet connection is flawless, no buffering.

Last night I watched some local news, live at 6pm.  I also watched the latest episode of NCIS, my favorite TV show.  That requires a subscription - CBS All Access, about $5 a month - but that's still FAR cheaper than adding TV via Cox Cable.  Since getting my Roku unit, I've also enjoyed a number of movies and classic TV shows, all free on Roku.  I can watch Fox News, ESPN, CNN, etc.  It's not live stuff, but it IS within hours of the original broadcast.  There are also all kinds of new viewing options available with Roku, NOT available on TV, a large variety free movie channels, free news channels, free cooking channels, free classic and recent run TV channels.

One thing I can see myself doing, is adding to my Roku package in the fall.  It's another subscription, but that's the beauty of Roku, it's kind of a la carte thing.  I don't need a football package for the entire year, I just need it during the season.  I can cancel that subscription at any time.  You can pick and choose what subscriptions you want, still keeping your monthly costs UNDER what Cox Cable will charge you for the same channels.

Don't pay Cox Cable prices for TV!

Roku rocks, it's Bachelor on the Cheap entertainment.

Roku gets five out of five Bachelor on the Cheap stars!








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